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Business you can do at Home: Wedding and Birthday Invitations

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Many Filipinos, especially stay-at-home-moms, are now getting more interested in ways to earn money without leaving their homes. Well, there are a lot of options and the internet is helping a lot of people do just that. From blogging to online selling to freelance jobs, you name it. But if you’re the creative type, you should be able to figure out by now that you can turn your talent into cash. Making hand-made invitations is one business that makes you do the things you love and gives you higher profit. So how do you start? Here are some tips:

1. Creativity is the key. It is true: you can turn your talent into cash. If you like scrapbooking, doodling or drawing then you can definitely make this work. I did not have any formal training and I did not invest any money on my talent. At first I felt that my works have no value. But then people started asking me to do invitations and other crafts for them. That’s when I realized that people are willing to pay for this. When I started, my prices are very low and sometimes I would even give out my designs for free. Four years later, I already tripled the prices of my items and people still think they are very affordable!

2. Slowly but surely. Yes, start slowly. I started making invitations in my bedroom at night and during weekends because I still have a full time job. That is the advantage with this kind of business: you can do it when you have free time, you can stop if you’re too busy. But of course, you should not stay that way forever. Slowly but surely, adjust and learn the business until you are confident that you can do it full time.

3. Find reliable suppliers. Your small time business could get big anytime. It is important to have regular suppliers for your papers, ribbons and other materials. It won’t be easy especially if your client is looking for cosmic red paper or galaxy violet ribbons for her wedding invitation. Find suppliers and don’t just rely on one. If you can get items directly from manufacturers, that would be awesome. If not, it’s fine. Just make sure you have other suppliers in case the material you’re looking for is out of stock.

4. Reaching your clients. This one is easy. Since your clients would be moms preparing for their babies’ birthdays, a teen getting ready for her debut or soon to be wedded couples, they are super easy to find in social media sites. Post on facebook and instagram. is also an effective selling site.

There are other aspects of business you have to prepare in order to start a business. But starting your wedding and birthday invitation business is simple and profitable. If you have a laptop or desktop, you can start with less than Php100.00 to buy scissors and glue.


Featuring: Ada Prints Enterprise

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Welcome to our Online Home

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Welcome to our humble online site!


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In behalf of Ada Prints Enterprise, I am pleased to present to you items you need for different events like weddings, birthdays, school activities and corporate events. Some of our products include customized shirts, USB flash drives, button pins, ballpens, bottles, mugs, business cards and more! They are not only perfect giveaways but also beautiful keepsakes and effective marketing tools. We also have invitations and other souvenir items for every occasion.


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